Freelance Tour Leader User Guide

    Search Duty Free and Souvenir Shop

    You can see the search form at this Page

    You can type name or location or any words about a shop to search it in our system

    View Detail of a Shop

    From Shop List you can click on button VIEW to see detail of a shop

    Booking and Booking Management

    It lets you can manage all bookings of your company.

    Each booking has it's status

    • For Approval: Booking is made by you or any staffs in your company which is waiting for Approval from Supplier
    • Approved: Booking is approved (confirmed) by Supplier
    • Cancelled: Booking is canceled (refused) by you (Supplier)
    • Completed: Booking which the group arrived and Supplier update the Sale amount with commission information.

    Booking Types

    ShopsKB support many kinds of Booking

    • Behalf Booking: a booking be made by an Inbound Tour Operator for an Oversea Travel Agent.
    • Direct Booking: a booking be made by any Inbound Tour Operator and Travel Agent for themselves
    • Direct Booking by Freelancer: a booking be made by a freelance Tour Leader. This kind of Booking just especially for Freelance Tour Leader User

    Booking Icons

    • Behalf Booking: B
    • Direct Booking:D
    • Direct Booking by Freelancer: I
    • Amendment Booking: a

    Make Booking

    It has 2 ways to go to Make Booking Page

    1. From Shop List you can click on button BOOKING make booking on shop.
    2. From  Shop List you click on button VIEW to go to detail Page. On detail Page you click on button BOOKING.

    After you enter the Booking form, you can click on button SAVE to submit the Booking to supplier.

    Supplier will check and confirm (approve) if they are available and accept this booking. Our system will send you an email when Supplier confirm (approve) the booking or refuse it.

    Booking List

    • For Approval: It list all Bookings which status is For Approval. You can access it here
    • Approved List: It list all Bookings which status is Approved. You can access it here
    • Cancelled List:  It list all Bookings which status is Cancelled. You can access it here
    • Completed List:  It list all Bookings which status is Completed. You can access it here

    View Detail Booking

    From any Booking List, you can see the view detail icon T you can click on it to view detail of any Booking.

    Amend Booking

    From For Approval or Approved List, you can click on cancel icon w to amend a Booking

    After you amend a booking, it will need to get Approval (Confirm) from Supplier again.

    Press button SAVE to save the change you make on the booking

    Cancel a Booking

    From For Approval or Approved List, you can click on cancel icon ] to cancel a Booking

    For a Approved Booking, system will ask you to enter the Confirmation Code to cancel it

    You must enter Remark when you want to cancel a booking.

    We suggest you enter the reason of cancellation in Remark

    Booking Schedule

    Booking Schedule Page helps you can see all booking of your company in a period

    You can set filter by Arrival Date, Supplier Name, Tour Leader, and Group Ref.

    Button RESET will clear filter and refresh the list

    Print Booking Schedule

    Form Booking Schedule Page, if you want to print the schedule out. You can click on button PRINT

    ito schedule


    The Report will show the major information of all your completed Bookings with the Sale information (Total sale, and commission amount you earn from Supplier)

    We support you to export the report to file as PDF and CSV. You can do that by click on link Export to PDF or Export to CSV.

    To export CSV file (excel sheet) it is support English version only.

    This page contain some confidential information, we recommend you (as a management level) do not set every staff can access this Page