Supplier User Guide

    Edit company setting

    You can edit your company information at Edit my company Page. This page allows you to change entire company information.

    In particular:

    • Email language: will send notification email as your default language to your company
    • Booking/Reservation (Main contact) email address: the email address for receiving a booking and day-to-day operation contact email 
    • Accounting email: will send financial statement into this nominate email address

    Staff management

    Company authorized person can access Our Staffs Page. This page allows you manage of each team member gain access to operate your business.

    There have a function for Add a New Staff which mean you can add direct from the function tab OR your staff can self register at Registration Page under your company account.

    For the self registration staff it require to authorized person to approve for their application, once approval it will automatic activate in 

    If there any self registration staff registered under your company,you can take further action on waiting for approval  staff list at Our waiting Staffs Page 

    our staff

    Add new Staff

    From Our Staffs Page, click on button 

    Fill your staff information: Email, Password, Job title, First name, Last name, User type

    Click on button ADD to finish.

    After finish, system will redirect to Set permission page to let you can set the permission for this staff.

    Approve a registered staff

    From Our waiting Staffs Page, you can click on link Approve to approve a Register Staff.

    On Approval Page you check if the register Staff's information are correctly. Click on button APPROVE to finish

    Once completed, system will redirect to Set permission page to let you delegate that staff permission to operate your business.

    Edit profile of a staff

    From Our Staffs Page, click on link Edit to go to Staff Edit Page.

    You can change: Password, Job title, First name, Last name, User type here.

    To set permission for staff you switch to tab Permissions.

    edit staff

    Edit permission of a staff

    You can set up permissions for a staff immediately you Add or Approve his/her account.

    Another way is from Our Staffs Page, click on link Edit to go to Staff Edit Page.

    Go to tab Permissions to edit permission of staff

    ATTENTIONS: to delegate your staff Permission to operate your business, it may contain  some sensitive information . If you are un-certainty how to set of your staff permission in our system. Please contact to our helpdesk to get more advice or see our suggestion of the following example:

    Suggestion of Permission for your staff

    Management level

    The one who's you want to let them can handle human resource and can access financial information. You can set full permission

    Accounting department

    The one who's can access sale information. You can set the permission as screenshot below

    Operational staff

    The one who's operate the shop and booking. You can set the permission as screenshot below

    Suspend/Active a staff

    From Our Staffs Page, you can click on link Suspend | Active to suspend or active an account of staff

    Delete a staff a staff

    From Our Staffs Page, you can click on link Delete to remove a staff account from your company.

    System will ask your for confirmation before taking action to remove this account from your company.

    But we don't recommend you delete a staff. You should use suspend function instead.

    Commission Deals

    System allow you to set the special commission rate for each customer at Commission Deals Page.

    Add new commission deal

    Click on link Add to open the add new commission deal form

    Choose type of client and choose client name in drop down box or key in their information by yourself.

    Click on SAVE to save it, or click on CANCEL to close form without saving

    Delete a Commission Deal

    Each commission deal in the list has Delete link which you can click to delete it

    Duty Free & Souvenir Shops

    Add new shop

    Go to this page to add new Shop. Fill your shop information to the form and save it by click on button SAVE

    • Theme: theme color for your shop.
    • Name: Name of your shop
    • Description: some text to describe your shop
    • Open time: the time of your service
    • Search keys: this is very important to help customer can reach you by Search. We suggest you should put shop name, location, and some product's description here. And specially in many language which you want the customer can find you.
    • Business address: address and region of your shop
    • Default Commission Rates: commission rates for Tour leader/Inbound tour operator/Travel agent as default. The rate of commission can override for each specific booking. In case you don't specific the rate for a booking. It will use the default value which be set here.
    • Allow buyer to see commission rate: this check box allow you set the visibility of Commission. If this is un-checked Cusomter won't see them when they view your Shop

    All Shops of your company

    You can access All Shops Page to see all shops of your company

    Edit a shop

    From the All Shops Page, you can click on button EDIT to edit any shop

    Edit Shop Information

    Choose tab Shop Information

    You can change: Theme, Name, Description, Open time, Search keys, Business Address, and Default Commission Rates.

    Click on button SAVE to save

    Click on button PREVIEW to preview it as a Customer account

    Add/Delete Images of shop

    Choose tab Photos

    You can upload, change or delete an image of shop

    Add/Edit Translation for the shop

    Choose tab Translations

    To add new translation, click on button ADD -> fill the form and press button SAVE

    To edit a recent translation click on link Edit

    Delete a Shop

    From the All Shops Page, you can click on button DELETE to delete a shop

    View a Shop

    From the All Shops Page, you can click on button Shop Name to go to view detail of a shop

    Preview a shop

    From the All Shops Page, you can click on button EDIT to go to edit page

    Choose tab Shop Information

    You will see button PREVIEW which you can click on it to preview the shop as a Customer account

    Booking Management

    It lets you can manage all bookings of your company.

    Each booking has it's status

    • For Approval: Booking just be made. Each booking after be made by Client will need to be approve by you (supplier)
    • Approved: After you check availability of your shops, you can approve the booking. Status will be Approved
    • Cancelled: After you check availability of your shop, you can refuse the booking. In this case, it's status will be changed to Cancelled
    • Completed: For an Approved Booking, when Client arrived, you will update the Sale Information to the booking. After you save Sale Information, status of Booking will change to Completed

    Booking Types

    ShopsKB support many kinds of Booking

    • Behalf Booking: a booking be made by an Inbound Tour Operator for an Oversea Travel Agent
    • Direct Booking: a booking be made by any Inbound Tour Operator and Travel Agent for themselves
    • Direct Booking by Freelancer: a booking be made by a freelance Tour Leader

    Booking Icons

    • Behalf Booking: B
    • Direct Booking: D
    • Direct Booking by Freelancer: I
    • Amendment Booking: a

    Booking List

    • For Approval: It list all Bookings which status is For Approval. You can access it here
    • Approved List: It list all Bookings which status is Approved. You can access it here
    • Cancelled List:  It list all Bookings which status is Cancelled. You can access it here
    • Completed List:  It list all Bookings which status is Completed. You can access it here

    View Detail Booking

    From any Booking List, you can see the view detail icon T you can click on it to view detail of any Booking.

    Approve a Booking

    From  For Approval List you can click on approve icon g to go to Approve Booking Page. 

    Enter the Confirmation code and Remark

    Press button APPROVE to approve the booking

    Cancel a Booking

    From For Approval or Approved List, you can click on cancel icon ] to cancel a Booking

    You must enter Remark when you want to cancel a booking.

    We suggest you enter the reason of cancellation in Remark

    Update Sale Information of a Booking

    From  Approved List, you can click on Update Sale Information icon w to go to Update Sale Information Page.

    The commission rates for partner will automatically load with the priority

    1. Special deal be set in Commission Deal
    2. Default Commission Rate of the shop

    But you always can over-write the commission rate by key in the specific rate here.

    When Sale Information be updated system will send email to notify about the commission to related people. System support you to CC this notification to another one. You can CC to more people by key in mail list to field CC emails


    • This Travel Agent in this booking has special Deal (Commission) is 20% and the commission for Travel Agent of this shop is 5%. So system will load value for Commission rate is 20%

    special rate


    • But I want to over write commission of Travel Agent for this booking to 15%. And I want to CC notification for Travel Agent Commission to It will become

    com over write

    Booking Schedule

    Booking Schedule Page helps you can see all booking for any shop in your company in a period

    You can set filter by Arrival Date, Shop Name, Client Company and Group Ref.

    Button RESET will clear filter and refresh the list

    Print Booking Schedule

    Form Booking Schedule Page, if you want to print the schedule out. You can click on button PRINT


    The Report will show the major information of all your completed Bookings with the Sale information (Total sale, and commission amount for Tour Leader/Inbound Tour Operator/Travel Agent)

    We support you to export the report to file as PDF and CSV. You can do that by click on link Export to PDF or Export to CSV.

    To export CSV file (excel sheet) it is support English version only.

    This page contain some confidential information, we recommend you (as a management level) do not set every staff can access this Page

    Tax Invoice

    This module contain financial information, we recommend you (as a management level) do not set every staff can access this Module

    All Tax Invoices List

    This Page display all Tax Invoices which have been sent from us.

    When we send you an invoice to email, you will receive a PDF invoice in email as attachment. But you also can get the Tax Invoice as PDF by click on link PDF

    all invoice

    Payment history

    This Page display all payments which we received from us. Each time you transfer any payment to us, our staff will key in the payment information to this system.

    It will help you can easy to follow the transactions between us

    payment history

    Invoice Report

    This Page display all invoices which we sent to you.

    It will help you can easy to follow the transactions between us

    invoice report